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How does the Business plan work?

Our Business plan starts at 2+ users and is a great solution if you want to purchase Noisli for the whole company, a dedicated team or just for certain individuals. If you’re an educational institution or a teacher you can purchase Noisli for the whole school, a class or for specific students.

It’s a very flexible solution as you can, at any time, increase or decrease your team size or change the members on your team.

In order to upgrade to the Business plan, simply go to the billing page and choose for how many members you want to purchase Noisli for (this includes you).


Once you’re on the Business plan you will get access to your team page. From there you can see how many seats you have available, who is on your team as well as add or remove team members.

Team page

To add a member, simply add the email address of the members you want to invite: every added member will get an email notification that they have been added to your team and will have instant access to all Noisli features.

If you need to remove a member you can do so at any time by simply deleting this member from the team page. Every removed member will immediately lose access to all the Pro features, and you’ll now have a free seat.

On the Billing page you will have the overview of your plan and from there you can edit your plan, your billing cycle, your payment details and your team size.

Billing page

Should you need to change your team size, you can find more information here.

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Noisli for your business

We offer businesses a free 3-month trial of our Business plan so that you can experience the full benefits of Noisli with your team!