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Noisli for Teachers and Educational Institutions

We know how important it is to get students to focus on their studies and remain concentrated, not just in class, but also while doing their homework. We want to support teachers and students and are happy to give a special discount.

If you’re a teacher at a school or university or are an educational institution, we’re offering a 50% discount on the first year of our yearly Business plan subscription. The discount is only valid for the first year and after that the subscription will automatically renew at the full price.
You can purchase Noisli for your whole class or institution by simply selecting how many seats you want to purchase (you can increase or decrease the number of seats at any time).
If you are still eligible and want to re-apply for the following year, make sure to submit your application at least 10 days prior to your next billing date by following the instructions and the steps on this page.

In order to apply you must:

  • be a current teacher or a representative of an educational institution
  • have a Noisli account with your institutional email

How to apply for the educational discount:

  1. Write us an email from your institutional email account you’ve signed up with, including your full name, the name of your institution and the course you’re teaching or the department you’re from
  2. Include the purpose and for how many people you intend to purchase Noisli
  3. Attach proof of your current position (i.e. scan of your institutional ID)

Once we receive your application we will verify everything and in case apply the discount.
We reserve the right to not grant a discount or to end the discount program at any time and at our own discretion.

You can apply again the following year if you still match the above criteria. Please apply ahead of time so we can verify and in case apply the discount before your next billing date.

Learn more on how you can use Noisli in class.

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Noisli for your business

We offer businesses a free 3-month trial of our Business plan so that you can experience the full benefits of Noisli with your team!