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How does Work in Sessions work?

If you enable “Work in Sessions”, it will allow you to divide your working time in different blocks of time with frequent breaks in between.

You can set:

  • how long a work session should last (“Time”)
  • how many work sessions you want (“Sessions”)
  • the length of the short breaks (“Short Break”) in between each work session
  • the length of the long break (“Long Break”) once you’ve completed all the set Sessions

If you enable “Autostart”, the timer will automatically run from work session to short break, from short break to work session and so on until you complete all your set sessions and until the end of the long break. If “Autostart” is disabled, you have to manually start each work session and break.

E.g. if you set 4 “Sessions”, the sequence will look like this:
Work Session (1)
Short Break
Work Session (2)
Short Break
Work Session (3)
Short Break
Work Session (4)
Long Break

You can read more about our Timer here.

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